Communities and Justice


Explore career opportunities at the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ).

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An Assessor reviews and assesses applications made by victims who apply for victims’ support.
A careers platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
Work towards improving outcomes for children and families.
Casework Managers monitor and establish daily priorities and resource allocations for Caseworkers.
Offer best-practice casework and professional support to improve outcomes for children and families.
Directly assist Caseworkers in their efforts to improve outcomes for children and families.
Supporting the team by managing a range of administrative and client service functions.
Manage the day-to-day operations of the Housing Client Service Teams to ensure quality outcomes.
Supervise and monitor offenders on various community-based orders across several location.
Play a positive role in keeping the community safe and help offenders in improving their lives.
Supporting the team by managing a range of administrative and client service functions.
Details about the appointment of permanent judicial officers and other statutory officers in NSW.
Supervise inmates in their work-related activities within correctional centres.
Consultants, advocates, and advisors to Permanency Support Program (PSP) Service Provider staff.
DCJ offers a variety of career paths for people in professional roles from entry level to executive.
Provide psychological services across Corrective Services NSW, Community Services and Youth Justice.
Deliver services and behaviour change programs to offenders.
Work in law enforcement, security and other court related responsibilities.
Provide information, advice, referrals, and to manage applications for victims’ support.
Supervise and motivate young people in custody and ensure their needs are met on a daily basis
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08 Mar 2024