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Frequently asked questions

Does DCJ Legal provide free legal information to the general public?

The Department of Communities and Justice, Legal (DCJ Legal) can provide or assist in providing legal advice and representation to witnesses called before the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) and the NSW Crime Commission (NSWCC). 

In other matters, Legal Aid NSW provides free legal advice to the general public regarding most areas of law, such as family law, criminal law and discrimination issues. You can visit the Legal Aid NSW website for further information. 

LawAccess NSW also provides assistance over the phone in relation to various legal matters. Phone 1300 888 529 or visit the LawAccess NSW website for further information.

Where can I get legal help if I have been contacted by the ICAC, LECC or the NSWCC?

DCJ Legal can provide or assist in providing legal advice and representation to witnesses called before the ICAC, the LECC and the NSWCC. 

We can provide legal services if you have been requested by the ICAC, LECC or NSWCC officers to participate in an interview or if you have been served with a Notice to Provide a Statement of Information, a Notice to Produce Documents or Other Things, or a Summons to Appear to Give Evidence. 

If you seek legal assistance through DCJ Legal, representation will usually be provided by a legal practitioner from, or appointed by, this Office. 

It is important to make contact immediately after you are contacted by the ICAC, LECC or the NSWCC. The best method is by telephone on (02) 8688 0111 during business hours. 

With respect to applications before the ICAC, it is a condition of the grant of assistance that if you are convicted of an indictable offence (other than an offence that was tried summarily) as a result of the investigation or inquiry, you will be required to immediately repay to the Attorney General, in full, the total amount paid to you or on your behalf for your legal representation.

Can I use my own solicitor or barrister at the ICAC, LECC or the NSWCC?

You may use your own solicitor or barrister to represent you at the ICAC, LECC or the NSWCC hearing. However, DCJ Legal does not fund these private arrangements. You will be required to pay your lawyer directly for any fees incurred.

Last updated:

31 Aug 2023