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Answers to frequently asked questions about LINKS Trauma Healing Service are answered below.

LINKS Trauma Healing Service

Where is LINKS located?

There are four LINKS teams in NSW:

  1. Hunter team – located in Newcastle
  2. Sydney team – located in Penrith
  3. Illawarra team – located in Coniston
  4. Western team – located in Orange

If there is a particular reason that you or your child cannot attend the office or meeting place, your therapist will discuss this with you.

Why should my child attend LINKS?

Children in out-of-home care can find it difficult to identify and express their feelings. This often leads to anxiety, fear and challenging outbursts. Sometimes carers have tried everything to help the children in their care, and don’t know what else to do.

Our LINKS teams can work with you and your child to understand their behaviours, identify their strengths and support their individual needs.

A holistic assessment by LINKS will take the child’s voice; the carer’s observations; and input from the child’s school into account.

Is it compulsory for my child to attend?

No, LINKS is a voluntary program. Our aim is to help you and your child resolve challenges being experienced as a result of trauma. If you feel this is not necessary, your child will not be made to attend.

How often does my child attend therapy?

Therapy sessions generally occur weekly. However, your child may need to attend more than one appointment per week if multiple therapists are involved, or intensive therapy is required. LINKS therapy often lasts for about 20 weeks, but this is highly dependent upon the needs of your child.

Do I have to come to the appointments?

Yes! As a carer, you can support your child to use new strategies; understand and develop a new story for their future; and prepare for life with all its ups and downs.

Do I need to be involved?

Yes! The LINKS therapist may want to speak to you without your child present, or ask you to actively participate in therapy sessions. Your presence is particularly important at the beginning and end of the therapy.  You will also need to complete forms from time to time, and discuss whether home-based practice is required.

Is there a cost involved?

No, LINKS is a free service funded by the NSW government.

What if we can’t make a session?

Please phone the LINKS team as soon as possible and let your therapist know. To get the most out of therapy, it is best that your child attends regularly and consistently. If you miss two sessions in a row without letting us know, your child’s place may be offered to someone on our waiting list.

What about my child’s privacy?

Confidentially is taken very seriously by LINKS. Your therapist will discuss this with you and your child during your initial appointment.

How do I make a referral to LINKS?

Please visit our Referalls page for more information.


Where can I find support?

A comprehensive list of crisis, mental health and self-care supports is available on our Support page. If you are experiencing an emergency situation, please call 000.

Last updated:

24 Oct 2023