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Tools to understand trauma based behaviour

Moment-by-moment assessment

Understanding how kids display trauma based behaviours can help you respond effectively.

Moment-by-moment assessment (PDF, 187.1 KB)

Priority Challenge Worksheet

Clear and targeted strategies help you prevent and respond well to trauma based behaviours.

Priority Challenge Worksheet (PDF, 164.4 KB)

Managing emotions guide

When kids understand why they experience trauma based behaviours, they can work with you to develop useful response strategies.

Managing emotions guide (PDF, 174.8 KB)



You can enrich kids' present and future by helping them build resilience.

Resilience poster (PDF, 612.6 KB)


When caring for kids who have experienced trauma, you must also make time to care for yourself.

Self-care poster  (PDF, 553.0 KB)


Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Success poster (PDF, 571.5 KB)


Kids develop trust with safe and responsive caregivers.

Trust poster (PDF, 525.3 KB)

Last updated:

12 Feb 2024