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Interventions for perpetrators 

Men's Behaviour Change Programs

Men’s Behaviour Change Programs (MBCPs) are mostly group-based programs and services that work with men to enable them to recognise abusive behaviours, better manage their emotions and develop strategies to stop them from using violence or abuse.

MBCPs also work with the women and children who have experienced family violence from the men who are engaged with a program. 

Contact a MBCP provider in your area if you would like to attend a program or ask additional information, or to make a client referral. View the list and contact details of providers offering a program.

Register to be involved in the delivery of programs.

Men’s telephone counselling and referral service

The NSW Government funds NSW’s telephone counselling and referral service for abusive, violent or potentially violent men to help reduce domestic violence. Changing the behaviour and attitudes of men who use violence lies at the heart of reducing domestic and family violence.

The Men’s Telephone Counselling and Referral Service offers:

  • a toll-free number across NSW, 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • trained counsellors who support male callers to take responsibility for their abusive behaviour and end the violence against their family;
  • referrals for callers to men’s behaviour change programs or other service providers for longer-term support, such as specialist counselling or legal advisory services, and;
  • support for family members who call the line because they are concerned about the behaviour of a male partner or family member.

The service is operated by No to Violence which has more than 20 years’ experience in managing men’s referral services interstate.


Avow is a free mobile phone app for people in NSW who have an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) or a domestic violence charge. Avow information, planning tool and tips can help users better understand and comply with their ADVO conditions and prepare for court. The app means users can find their ADVO and court information directly from their mobile phone device and read about the court process, the consequences of breaching an ADVO, and use the Avow planning tool to comply with their order.

Key features of Avow:

  • Pin access for security
  • Frequently asked questions about ADVOs and attending court
  • Automatic reminders to attend court and other key dates
  • Easy access to the user's ADVO
  • Tools and tips about ADVOs and court
  • Links to support services

Avow can be downloaded on your mobile phone from Google Play or Apple App Store.

National Domestic Violence Order Scheme

The National Domestic Violence Order Scheme aims to better protect victims and their families. Existing state and territory laws protecting victims and affected family members from domestic violence have not changed.

If you have an DVO, it will be enforceable by local police regardless of where the DVO was issued.

Read further information about the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme.

Last updated:

13 May 2024