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Electronic signatures for human services contracts

The Electronic Transactions Act 2000 (NSW) and the Electronic Transactions Regulations 2017 allow contracts to be executed digitally.

DCJ use two digital signature platforms: Adobe Sign and DocuSign to support the signing of human service contracts. The platforms provide a fast, simple way for service providers to securely review and sign documents, without needing to download software or register for an account.

Once the contract has been negotiated and agreed to by all parties, the process of signing the contract will be managed through one of the digital platforms.

What you need to do as a service provider

DCJ will primarily use the Adobe Sign digital platform available on the Payment and Contracting System (PACS). There may still be times when DocuSign is used.

Nominate authorised signatories

The contract negotiation process hasn’t changed.

As part of the negotiation process, your DCJ contract manager will request the name and email address for each signatory for your contract in advance. The contract will be issued directly to them for signing. The digital signature platforms  use security features that allows tracking of who signs the contract and when.

If you’re unsure who is authorised to sign the contract, please refer to our authorised signatories guide for assistance.

Watch out for email notifications

You won’t require an Adobe Sign or DocuSign account for this process.

Each signatory to the contract will receive an email notification notifying there are documents available to review and sign. The email link is specific to the person signing and should not be forwarded. If signatories change please, notify your DCJ contract manager.


There are 4  options for signing a contract:

  1. Type your full name.
  2. Use a stylus or mouse to draw your signature or initials.
  3. Insert an image (a picture file or pdf) of your signature.
  4. Use your mobile device to capture your signature (this method is exclusive to Adobe Sign).

DCJ contract managers will digitally monitor the progress of contracts and follow up where there are delays in the process.

Once the contract has been signed by all parties, it will be available from the PACS Portal.

If your organisation is unable to use either Adobe Sign or DocuSign, you can still sign a contract using physical signatures. Speak to your DCJ contract manager to make the necessary arrangements.

Cyber security

Both DocuSign and Adobe Sign have measures in place to ensure the security of signing documents electronically.

The email from Adobe Sign prompting you to sign a document will include a unique URL for the document, comprised of exclusive identifiers specific to that circumstance.

The email from DocuSign prompting you to sign a document will include a secure link, and a unique security code in the footer.

If you receive an Adobe Sign or DocuSign email and you’re uncertain of its authenticity, notify your DCJ contract manager. Please also forward suspicious DocuSign emails as an attachment to

DocuSign support

If you have any questions about the use of digital signature platforms or need assistance with the process, please contact your DCJ contract manager.

Refer to the relevant digital signature platform for further information or resources.

Last updated:

09 May 2024