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PSP Information Quality Reports

Information quality is a critical component of reporting and recording information related to children and young people in out-of-home care. There are now two Permanency Support Program (PSP) Information Quality Reports on DCJ’s secure Federated Analytics Platform for PSP Providers who deliver Foster care, Interim Care, Independent Supported Living (SIL) and Intensive Therapeutic Care (ITC). 

These reports can be used to support the accuracy of reporting and recording of information related to children focusing on, but not limited to:  

  • children and young people – name, age, Aboriginal status, CAT score 
  • placements – type, service provider, case management, carer details, entries and exits 
  • plans – dates for case plan, leaving care and cultural support plans; and case plan goals. 

Who can access the reports?

Authorised access to the PSP Information Quality Reports on the secure platform is limited to PSP Provider staff who oversee reporting and information quality at a service level. New applicants can apply by:

Note this Access Form is used to access the Domain: PSP Information Quality Reports. Access to the other reports and dashboards on the Federated Analytics Platform requires other pathways.  

More information

  • Provider User Guide (PDF, 443.7 KB)  – this comprehensive guide outlines how to navigate and use the reports, including screen shots and tips to identify information discrepancies.
  • Q&A factsheet (PDF, 140.2 KB) – provides answers to common questions raised during the initial roll out and training.
  • Okta Self Registration Guide (PDF, 799.1 KB)  – supports new users who need to activate a new Okta account to be able to access the PSP Information Quality Reports.
  • Okta Troubleshooting Guide (PDF, 724.0 KB)  – supports new and existing users to resolve issues that may impact access to their Okta account. 
Last updated:

03 Apr 2024