Communities and Justice

Policy statement

The PSP Permanency Case Management Policy (PCMP) is designed to:

  • explain the way we achieve safety, permanency and wellbeing for vulnerable children and young people by keeping them with or returning them to family, arranging a permanent legal guardian, supporting open adoption or providing long term care.
  • clarify the different roles and responsibilities of NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) and funded service providers (FSPs) in responding to child protection reports, assessing safety, and case planning for permanency and wellbeing
  • embed in practice a culture that focusses on safety, permanency and wellbeing by:
    • responding (earlier) to the impact of trauma
    • collaborative and evidence based approaches to casework practice
    • partnering with children, their families/kin, carers and people significant to them, to achieve meaningful change
    • engaging family strengths, nurturing resilience and giving dignity.
Last updated:

11 Oct 2023