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Exiting PSP family preservation

Achievement of case plan goal

When a PSP provider assesses they will soon achieve a child’s preservation case plan goal, the provider:

  • notifies the nominated unit and arranges to present evidence the child will continue to be safe with their parents, following withdrawal of the preservation service
  • provides a family preservation exit report.


When a family does not engage (for example does not complete tasks in a family action plan) or makes an unplanned exit (from the program), the preservation service provider notifies the nominated unit.

When there are concerns about physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect of a child who has disengaged from a PSP family preservation program, the service provider:

  • completes a Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG) to determine whether a report to the Child Protection Helpline is required
  • identifies alternative ways to support the child and their parents, when a mandatory reporter’s response is better served outside the statutory child protection system.

Last updated:

20 Feb 2023