Communities and Justice


The Permanency Case Management Policy (PCMP) supports collaborative assessment and case planning between the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (the Department) and PSP providers. It sits alongside and is not intended to duplicate or supersede:

  • the Department’s casework practice mandates and advice or
  • the internal policies and procedures of PSP providers.

The Rules and Practice Guidance are part of the PCMP and describe the minimum expectations of the Department and PSP providers in working together collaboratively, to deliver the Permanency Support Program (PSP). The Rules and Practice Guidance apply in conjunction with other parts of the PCMP including:

PSP providers are expected to have policies and processes in place that align to the principles and enablers of the Aboriginal Case Management Policy

Also see PSP Program Level Agreement Schedule 4 for PSP provider's obligations in respect to legislation, policies, and practices.             

Last updated:

21 Feb 2023