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List: Functions of PR exercised by DCJ

Category Functions of PR
Case Planning Change of child’s case plan goal.
Case Planning Exit from OOHC through restoration or transition to a guardianship arrangement.
Contact A contact dispute arises that cannot be resolved.
Contact Approve changes to family and sibling contact plans not specified in Children’s Court order (for 12 months after making final orders).
Court Proceedings Apply for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) to protect a child from risk or apply to vary or rescind an AVO.
Court Proceedings Apply for rescission or variation to care order (including contact orders).
Court Proceedings Provide consent for applications in the Children’s Court by funded service providers.
Court Proceedings Respond to applications for rescission or variations to court orders filed by other parties.
Court Proceedings Apply for adoptions orders in uncontested adoption matters, or contested adoption matters & instruct Crown Solicitor (in contested applications)*.
Court Proceedings Approve report on suitability of PR arrangements & submit to Children’s Court, including filing section 76 and 82 reports filing (noting service provider with case management is required to draft section 76 and 82 reports).
Court Proceedings Approve the commencement of an adoption action*.
Court Proceedings Consent to application for guardianship order by a service provider.
Court Proceedings Make referral for specialist reports required by Children’s Court.
Court Proceedings Provide consent for appearing in proceedings as delegate of Minister.
Court Proceedings Approve bail surety & bail fine payment*.
Financial Approve a trust account or will on behalf of a child*.
Financial Approve Complex Needs expenditure.
Financial Approve financial component of leaving care plans .
Identity Provide consent for citizenship.
Identity Provide consent for marriage.
Identity Provide consent for passport application.
Identity Approve name changes for a child.
Interstate Carer moves interstate (excepting border towns).
Interstate Residency of children outside the NSW jurisdiction.
Interstate Consent for travel outside of NSW and Australia.
Media Consent to publication of information identifying children in OOHC or consenting to children’s public performance.
Media Significant media attention for a child or their family’s situation.
Medical Consent to non-intimate children body piercing & tattooing.
Medical Consent to non-urgent surgical medical & dental treatment*.
Medical Grant exemption to a written request from Health Secretary for administration of addictive drug.
Medical Health Pathway referral (when it hasn’t been completed by CSC that brought the children into OOHC).
Medical Provide consent for end of life medical intervention.
Medical Provide consent for termination of pregnancy. Note: Seek legal advice in relation to children over the age of 13 years.
Medical Provide consent to medical treatment involving potential terminal illness. Note: Seek legal advice in relation to children over the age of 13 years.
Medical Make application to the court / NCAT for consent to medical treatment rendering a child infertile.
Medical Seek NCAT consent for a special medical procedure.
Other Duty of care in relation to parental responsibility.
Other Disagreement between DCJ and a service provider.
Other A breakdown in interagency negotiations, especially involving another government service provider.
Other Other circumstance arising from OOHC accreditation (or loss of accreditation).
Other Responding to a critical event such as a serious injury or death of a child.
Other Approve apprenticeship or enlistment in Australian Defence Force (ADF)*.
Other Request for DCJ intervention by a child.
Placement A child is moving from foster care to residential care.
Placement Match a child’s needs to a placement by applying Child Assessment Tool (CAT).
Placement Respond to repeated placement breakdowns and/or unauthorised placements. Request the funded service provider with case management to provide information about how it intends to resolve the related concerns.
Victims compensation Arrange file audit to identify and pursue any claims child may be entitled and ensure recognition payment claims have been addressed for children who have been victims of crime.

* These powers are also exercised by Barnardos through a deed of agreement with DCJ.

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30 Jan 2023