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PLaSP monitoring and review

The school will actively monitor and review the child’s Learning and Support Planning and PLP’s collaboratively with you as the caseworker, the carer and all relevant stakeholders to ensure the child’s educational and support needs are being met. It is recommended that the child’s educational needs be revisited at least once a semester with the school. This could be done in conjunction with the school’s routine reporting procedures.

Ideally Personalised Learning and Support Planning and learning goals should be reviewed following a reporting period e.g. following semester one school reports. There should also be a review after any significant change in the child or young person’s life, for example when a case plan goal is changed from OOHC to restoration, guardianship, adoption or leaving care. This is to ensure that schools can contribute to case planning and understand the impact of a child or young person exiting OOHC. It should be formally reviewed at the time of the OOHC case plan review (annually at a minimum) so that the information remains relevant to the child’s learning.

Last updated:

01 Feb 2023