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Education pathway forms

Notice to a School Form

Notice to a School Form (DOCX, 1.1 MB) is sent only once, when a child or young person who:

  1. is attending school or preschool enters statutory Out-of-Home Care
  2. is already in OOHC begins school

The Notice to a School Form (DOCX, 1.1 MB) must be lodged within 14 days of a child or young person entering statutory OOHC if the child is of school age. This informs the school that the child/ young person is under the PR of the Minister and enables the school to contribute to the child’s case planning and enables the caseworker to contribute to the child’s education planning. The school must be informed of the child or young person’s statutory care status as well as the agency with case management responsibility, the carers details and, if known, learning, behaviour and health support needs.

After 7 days of submitting the Notice to a School form, contact the school and request a meeting with the Principal to arrange a time for the Personalisd Learning and Support Planning Meeting (PLaSP).

  1. If you do not hear back from the child’s school or if there are educational concerns for a student, the first point of contact should be the school Principal.
  2. If a child is currently on a suspension from their previous school, this will need to be resolved before enrolment is accepted at the new school. For any suspension, a “Suspension Resolution” needs to occur before the child can return to school. This process can begin during the suspension time.

To discuss the educational needs of a student in OOHC, caseworkers can speak to the school Principal or OOHC teacher directly. If necessary, the school can access additional resources to support the student.

Department of Education Schools and Preschools

If a child or young person is attending a Department of Education school or pre-school while you are case managing and DCJ have not notified the school, email the Notice to a School Form (DOCX, 1.1 MB) to

Do not email the Notice to a School Form to the child’s school or teacher directly. The Department of Education will forward the Notice to a School Form to the school Principal directly with other relevant information. This is to ensure only relevant education personnel are informed of the child’s OOHC status. There are strict privacy and confidentiality protocols within the public education system regarding information sharing about children and young people in statutory OOHC.

To find out if a preschool is a Government school go to: Preschools in Government schools list

Catholic and Independent Schools

For private (Independent or Catholic) school enrolment, send the Notice to a School Form (DOCX, 1.1 MB) to the school Principal and cc to Department of Education, email This is so the Department of Education can note the new school details for their records.

Change of Circumstances Form

For a change of circumstance for the child or young person, use the Change of Detail Advice for a Child or Young Person Form (DOCX, 81.1 KB) each time.

The Change of Detail Advice for a Child or Young Person Form should be emailed to for children and young people attending Government schools, and the school principal for Catholic or independent schools.

These changes include but are not limited to:

  • Change of caseworker
  • Change of address
  • Change of school
  • Change of carer
  • Change of agency
  • Restoration
  • Legal status (Guardianship)
  • Exiting care (turning 18)
  • Adoption

Record keeping

It is best practice (see NSW Child Safe Standards for Permanent Care 2015) to ensure a copy of the Change of Detail Advice for a Child or Young Person Form is saved on the child/young person’s file.

Last updated:

02 Mar 2023