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Kylan’s plan

Kylan wants to play football professionally after completing his Higher School Certificate. Kylan is ‘likely’ to play for the under 20’s team with a local football club. The football coach has told Kylan that it is ‘likely’ he will need to see the physiotherapist for a pre-existing injury.

Measure of Wellbeing – Social / Living Skills and Peer Relationship

Expenditure Type Used for Items requested  Rationale Cost

Professional Therapy

To secure counselling and support necessary for the young person's safety, welfare and well-being. Physiotherapy

Injuries playing professional football


This is an example of insufficient rationale. While it is possible that DCJ will meet this expense, justification must be provided before public funds can be allocated.

There is no explanation of why Kylan may need physiotherapy and the plan does not include any context, rationale or apparent tailoring. The plan is based on an expense that might be incurred but there is insufficient information to determine the true timing or likelihood of that expense.

The lack of information also raises concerns about safety. Should Kylan be provided with protective equipment or treatment to address the pre-existing injury and reduce the likelihood of further injury as the first priority?

It is unclear why as a prospective professional footballer, Kylan’s club would not support him with some or all expenses relating to injuries from playing for them or whether sports insurance has been explored as an option.

Kylan’s case history might include health needs and past treatment but that is not captured in the financial plan. If it was, physiotherapy might be approved but the rationale should relate to Kylan’s welfare and well-being, rather than his sport.

Last updated:

01 Mar 2023