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Hala’s plan

Hala is about to commence a full time course at TAFE and has mentioned that as soon as she turns 18 she will move into shared accommodation with her friends.

Hala’s caseworker is worried she may become homeless although Hala’s carer has told her she will keep her bedroom the way it is and that she can return to the carer’s home any time she wishes.

Measure of Wellbeing – Social / Living Skills and Peer Relationship

Expenditure Type Used for Items requested  Rationale Cost

Aftercare Allowance – Aftercare Payment

A needs based fortnightly allowance up to $240 to help secure stable, affordable accommodation where the young person is:

* undertaking full time training or education, and

* would be at risk of homelessness if financial assistance was not provided

Payment of 3 years of Aftercare Allowance.

The allowance is not needed at the moment. Hala will advise DCJ if her circumstances change.

Hala’s course of study is for 3 years and she may become homeless if her planned move to shared accommodation does not work out.


($240 x 78 fortnights)

This is an example of a plan including items for which there is no current need. That inflates the total amount to be approved which means the plan must pass through more levels and be given closer scrutiny and consideration, all of which may cause unnecessary delays.

Hala is not at risk of homelessness at the moment nor is there any reason to believe that she will be at risk in the near future.

The Aftercare Allowance should be applied for if and when Hala’s circumstances change and the allowance becomes appropriate to her needs.

The allowance is approved for a maximum of three months at a time while work is undertaken to secure stable, affordable long-term housing. It would be unusual for the allowance to be provided continuously for three years.

Practice point: Loading plans with unnecessary items is a practice that can develop from overuse of templates and copying from one plan to another. Tailored plans are developed over time through repeated consultation with the young person about their goals and collaboration with the services and people around them to build a framework to help them achieve those goals.

Last updated:

01 Mar 2023