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Guardianship Information Line

The Guardianship Information Lines provides information about guardianship for children in out of home care.

We answer questions from carers, young people, parents, family members, people who are interested in becoming guardians, and practitioners.

Contact us

You can call us on 1300 956 416 or email us at

Where can I find more information about guardianship?

You can find out more about guardianship on the Guardianship page.

Do you need to call a different line?

If you have a question about guardianship which is not related to a child in out-of-home care, you will need to call a different line:

  • For guardianship for adults who are not capable of making their own decisions, call the NCAT Guardianship Division on 1300 006 228.
  • For guardianship for children who are not in out of home care, call the Family Law Court of Australia on 1300 352 000.
  • For legal advice, which may be free for people on low incomes, call Legal Aid New South Wales on 1300 888 529.
Last updated:

23 Feb 2023