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Out Of Home Care Accreditation Framework for advice

Out-of-home care contracting opportunities with DCJ

The Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) uses the NSW Government eTendering website to list upcoming, current and closed business opportunities that have been provided to agencies. The website is the key source of communication of opportunities to service providers. 

Contracted service provision of statutory out of home care is limited to service providers who hold accreditation with the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian. There are currently no anticipated contracting/funding opportunities for service providers outside of the current accredited service system. 

Current DCJ direction 

The NSW Government has committed to the National Agreement on Closing the Gap. This is a new approach in shared governance and partnership with Aboriginal people, which recognises that we need to work with community to improve long-term outcomes.

DCJ has a strategic aim to grow the Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation sector delivering supports and case management to children in out-of-home care in line with Closing the Gap Priority Reform 2.

Accreditation to deliver out of home care

Accreditation decisions are made solely by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG). Accreditation to provide statutory out-of-home care is based on the NSW Child Safe Standards for Permanent Care 2015. The standards focus on providing permanent care for children and young people, and are applied to both statutory out of home care and adoption services. 

Agencies can seek accreditation to deliver foster care, residential care or adoption services. More information about out of home care accreditation can be found on the OCG website.

Framework for DCJ advice to OCG on accreditation requests

To support requests from OCG for advice relating to agencies seeking accreditation, DCJ has established an assessment framework. This framework will be used by DCJ to provide advice to OCG on potential new applications for accreditation with the OCG, upon request. 

The framework can be accessed here (PDF, 172.7 KB).

Last updated:

04 Jul 2023