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Community Partner Volunteer Training Scheme

The Community Partners Volunteering Training Scheme (CPVTS) is an opportunity for community partners to apply for funding to support their preparedness activities and recruitment drives to improve their capability and capacity to respond.

The CPVTS is a closed non-competitive grant program of $480,000 (excluding GST) that is equally split amongst the current eligible community partner organisations, totalling at $120,000 available to each organisation. Funding is split into two streams:

  1. $60,000 - available to each organisation for the purposes of preparedness and training activities to be spent over 12 months and,
  2. $60,000 - available for each organisation for the purpose of volunteer recruitment to be spent over 24 months.

The objective of this scheme is to uplift the overall capacity of community partners to deliver the services as well as the specific outcomes below:

  • Provision of critical training including services at an evacuation centre and psychological first aid. Training should also provide consideration of the following key subject areas:
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural sensitivity,
    • Culturally and linguistically diverse communities,
    • LGBTQIA+ Community
    • People living with a disability or other chronic health condition.
  • Basic administrative and personal equipment costs for volunteers (such as uniform).
  • Retain and grow volunteer numbers in key areas of the state to better respond to emergencies and support a sustained presence at an evacuation centre when needed over long events.
  • Administrative costs directly associated with conducting preparedness work.

The CPVTS is a targeted, closed non competitive grant program aimed to support NGO community partners listed in the Welfare Services Functional Area Supporting Plan. Community Partners will be invited to submit applications for the CPVTS by Disaster Welfare Services. Organisations must remain as Community Partners of the Welfare Services Functional Area for the duration of the grant.

Grant Program Guidelines (PDF, 167.6 KB).

Last updated:

06 May 2024