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Data and reporting

DCJ collects data for Family Preservation (FP) services. The data is used to support program, contract and evaluation activities.

FP data is also used by DCJ for Commonwealth reporting on service delivery, across its portfolios.


infoShare is a new streamlined data collection platform that will be used by all FP providers. 

infoShare replaces other existing data collection mechanisms for FP programs. infoShare will:

  • Assist in capturing data quicker
  • Increase the consistency of data collected
  • Offer service providers a visualisation of data in the form of reports

The following programs need to submit data using infoShare: 

  • Family Preservation (formerly Brighter Futures and Youth Hope) 
  • Intensive Family Preservation (IFP) 
  • Resilient Families 
  • Multisystemic Therapy for Child Abuse and Neglect  (MST- CAN®)
  • Functional Family Therapy – Child Welfare (FFT-CW ®)
  • Permanency Support Program - Family Preservation (PSP-FP) (excluding exiting providers who are no longer accepting new referrals). 

IFBS providers are encouraged to use infoShare but currently it is not mandatory. 

Please see the infoShare - Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 233.4 KB)  for further information about infoShare and FP data collection and reporting.

Data collection - minimum data set

The minimum data set (MDS) is the minimum set of information (mandatory data items) that must be shared by providers with DCJ about clients and services delivered by providers. . These data items capture both identifying and demographic information of clients accessing program activities

infoShare includes the MDS.

Data Privacy

There are important privacy considerations for FP providers and staff in relation to the collection, storage, use, disclosure and destruction of personal information, under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (PPIP Act) and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (HRIP Act).

Further information for providers can be found for maintaining secure information and notifying us of information security incidents on the DCJ website.

Data reporting

FP data is collected on a quarterly basis. 

Now that infoShare is live and-based on FP providers’ respective data collection systems, data will be provided by one of the following methods: 

  • Manually entered data, directly into infoShare
  • Uploading a data file to infoShare.

infoShare access

FP providers will be provided with access to the infoShare platform Questions about access should be referred to your Organisation Administrator and then as needed, to

infoShare roles and responsibilities- Users and Organisation Administrators

There are two main infoShare role types for FP providers - Users and Organisation Administrators (OAs).

OAs play a vital role for infoShare:

  • Establishing their organisation in infoShare
  • Ensuring quality data submissions are delivered on time
  • Supporting their users in infoShare 
  • Acting as the organisation’s key point of contact between their organisation’s infoShare users and DCJ.

See the infoShare Organisation Administrator - Roles and Responsibilities - Fact Sheet (PDF, 114.7 KB) 

infoShare Organisation Administrator- Responsibilities and activities.

Key infoShare resources

A range of guides and videos have been produced and these are available to infoShare Organisation Administration Users within the application at InfoShare instruct.

InfoShare data collection template and guides

infoShare webinars and videos

InfoShare guides and fact sheets 


Please contact if you have any questions related to data submission template and data fields.

Last updated:

22 Dec 2023