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A new learning program for NGOs

Change Together is a learning program for non-government practitioners working with children and families who are receiving Targeted Earlier Intervention, Family Connect and Support or Family Preservation services funded by the Department of Communities and Justice.

Practitioners working only in the Permanency Support Program (PSP) are not eligible to enrol in the Change Together program, as the PSP Learning Hub provides practice learning for them. However, practitioners providing supports to families via family preservation packages, who are eligible for both PSP and non-PSP (Early Intervention and Family Preservation) funding, can choose to access both PSP Learning Hub and/or Change Together resources.

Developing the skills of child protection

The program provides free training to complement the professional learning of individual non-government organisations. It aims to:

  • develop the knowledge, confidence and skills of practitioners working to support children to remain safe at home with their families
  • help key child protection workers understand their role
  • share information about the way we practice at DCJ
  • build capabilities aligned to the NSW Practice Framework
  • strengthen partnerships between DCJ and NGO services and practitioners

A catalogue of child protection training

Training is available via elearn courses and virtual instructor-led workshops. The program offers a catalogue of modules which participants can enrol in. Some practitioners may choose to complete all training, while others may select modules depending on the areas in which they hope to grow their practice.

Our goals

The goals of the program are:

  • To support practitioners to develop the foundational knowledge and skills needed to partner with families to create meaningful and sustainable change in the lives of their children.
  • To connect practitioners from across agencies via a variety of relevant and accessible training sessions.
  • To develop collaboration through a shared language and understanding of practice underpinned by the Children and Young Person’s (Care and Protection Act) 1998, NSW Interagency Guidelines, NSW Practice Framework, Aboriginal Case Management Policy and Permanency Case Management Policy.
  • To support more children to remain safely home with their families, experiencing love and care, through practical and rights-based practice partnerships between children, family and practitioners.

Contact us

The Change Together team are available to answer your questions about the program and assist with any issues accessing the online learning platform.

If you would like to join our mailing list please send us an email.

Last updated:

17 Feb 2023