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NSW Office for Veterans Affairs

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring our veterans, past and present, are honoured with dignity and respect.

The Office for Veterans Affairs (OVA) manages state programs commemorating and assisting veterans and their families in collaboration with all NSW Government agencies, the Australian Government and community stakeholders. OVA also leads heritage and commemoration activities, and targeted programs and grants that support veterans to access employment and education opportunities that are critical for long-term wellbeing.

OVA is responsible for ensuring delivery of the NSW Government's first Veterans Strategy 2021-24 and will be the key area of coordination and knowledge for the NSW contribution to the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide.

Policy, programs and actions arising out of the NSW Veterans Strategy 2021-24 include:

Key dates

NSW observes a number of commemorative dates marking the involvement of all who served Australia in conflicts and peacekeeping operations, including:

  • 25 April: Anzac Day
  • Last Friday in May: Indigenous Veterans Commemoration Service
  • 27 July: Korean War Day
  • 18 August: Vietnam Veterans Day
  • 19 October: War Widows Day
  • 3 November: Kokoda Day
  • 11 November: Remembrance Day

Anzac Memorial

OVA also works closely with the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park Sydney, NSW's principal war memorial, to deliver events, commemorations, education programs, exhibitions and projects of State significance. The Anzac Memorial is administered by a Board of Trustees appointed under the Anzac Memorial (Building) Act 1923. The Trustees are responsible for the management, maintenance and preservation of the Anzac Memorial as the principal war memorial for NSW, with Caroline Mackaness, Director OVA as the Honorary Secretary.

See what’s on at the Anzac Memorial

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