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What is a Mandatory Testing Order?

A document titled "MTO". On the cover is a test tube filled with blood, a blood droplet, and an importance icon.

A Mandatory Testing Order (MTO) is a document that says you must get a blood test.

A magnifying glass focused on a virus or infection cell surrounded by blood cells.

The blood test checks if you have a virus or infection, including:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C.
A government worker standing in front of a government icon, and a judge standing in front of a court icon.

A government agency or a court can send you an MTO.

A NSW Ombudsman assisting people.

For example, the NSW Ombudsman.

The NSW Ombudsman helps people if they have a problem dealing with the NSW Government.

A person in work uniform next to another person. Above them is an icon representing fluids.

They can send you an MTO if your bodily fluids touched a worker.

We explain who a worker is in the Who can ask for an MTO? section.

A person next to an icon representing fluids. There are arrows coming out from the person's face, chest, groin and backside.

Bodily fluids can include:

  • blood
  • saliva
  • poo
  • semen.
A worker standing next to an icon representing virus and infection. There is a cross next to the icon.

They send you an MTO to make sure the worker is safe from any virus or infection.

An "MTO" document with a question mark above it.

In this guide, we explain:

  • who can ask for an MTO
An "MTO" document with a question mark above it.
  • what to do if you get an MTO
A person thinking about a blood test.
  • what happens after you get a blood test.
Last updated:

09 May 2024