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Home at last

Kim and Karma's story

Home at Last – Kim and Karma’s story

“It’s amazing to think about the amount of changes that they made to make sure the house was suitable for Karma.” 


Kim and her daughter, Karma on their front porch. Karma behind Kim with her arms around Kim's shoulders.
Kim's daughter, Karma sitting on her bed looking at the camera

“Since being home and having the other kids to interact with, she’s progressed so much. I feel excitement and joy and just so proud.” 


Kim and her four children photographed on their front porch. Her three sons are on bicycles.

“We can make a difference in clients’ lives when we band together as a team and involve other agencies.” 


Kim and Annette pictured on the side of Kim's house. Kim and Annette are laughing with each other.

How being home helped Karma in other areas of her life

Kim brought her young family together in one happy home. Since moving home, Karma has been blossoming in her health and education.


“We signed the lease on 23 December and Karma was home for Christmas Eve.” Kim


“While she was in hospital… she was developmentally delayed. Since being home… she has progressed so much.” Kim


“She’s started school this year in kindergarten and she’s doing really well.” Kim

Help is available

Link2home is the statewide homelessness information and referral telephone service.

Ask Izzy

Ask Izzy website

Ask Izzy is a mobile website that connects people who are in crisis with the services they need right now and nearby.

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17 May 2023