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All because of me

Ella's story

All because of me – Ella’s story

“There was a whole person who was ready to break out of that situation and have it not define her and ready to move forward and take back her power, which she very much has.”


Ella standing in front of a tree talking to Jenna. Jenna's back is facing the camera and Ella's face is showing.

“I didn’t have to depend on anyone anymore… and it’s all because of me.”


Ella walking with her three children towards the water at the beach. Their back is towards the camera.

“I want women to know that life can be better and you can do it on your own. I’m an example of that.”


Ella reading a book to her children while her children sit in front of her on the floor listening to the story.
Ella helping her daughter come off a tree. Her two sons are standing next to the tree as well.

How being home helped Ella in other areas of her life

Ella’s strength and independence was able to shine when she moved into a safe home. Now she lives life the way she wants for herself and her children.


“They put me in a transitional house and helped with my kids’ day care. I got it for free to 12 months so I could study and find my feet.” Ella


“When I got my first paycheck I was just so happy. I can now afford to pay my full rent on my own. I have my own money.” Ella


“I have learned that I am a strong, independent woman that my kids can look up to and admire.” Ella


“Having a house makes me feel safe and stable. It’s my home, it’s my kids’ home and I don’t have to answer to anyone.” Ella

Help is available

Link2home is the statewide homelessness information and referral telephone service.

Ask Izzy

Ask Izzy website

Ask Izzy is a mobile website that connects people who are in crisis with the services they need right now and nearby.

The Domestic Violence Line is a NSW statewide telephone crisis counselling and referral service for women and persons who identify as female.

Last updated:

02 May 2023