Communities and Justice

CHIF Policy Framework

The CHIF and THTP Programs (Programs) are part of a larger social housing reform for the NSW Government and is a key initiative to support reducing street homelessness. Housing and support is provided through the Programs, which aim to address people’s support needs, build individual capability and capacity, and foster connections to community.  The NSW Government reform agenda is seeking to deliver better outcomes for vulnerable people and to form ongoing partnerships with Non-Government Organisations and the private sector to deliver those outcomes.  Access to stable, secure housing is a fundamental starting point for vulnerable people to help them stabilise their lives and improve their circumstances.

Breaking the cycle of disadvantage is a policy priority for the NSW Premier.

‘Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW’, released in January 2016, sets out the NSW Government’s vision for the Social Housing system over the next ten years.

These Programs supports the Future Directions’ goal of delivering on the NSW Government commitment to create a more responsive social housing system. 

Last updated:

13 Mar 2024