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Information for Targeted Earlier Intervention (TEI) service providers

Delivering TEI services alongside COVID-19

TEI service providers should continue to provide a service, and TEI clients can continue to seek assistance from and/or attend TEI services.

We encourage TEI service providers to keep up to date on the COVID-19 advice and follow the guidelines of the NSW Government.

From January 2022, TEI service delivery should be as close to business as usual as possible and aligned to what is outlined in your funding agreement. However, we appreciate that with the ongoing circulation of COVID-19 in communities, flexibility with face to face delivery models may still be required in particular circumstances.

If your current COVID-19 Risk Management plan identifies that service delivery adjustments are still required in response to COVID-19, you will need to seek written agreement from your contract manager to deliver services that are not identified in your funding agreement.

Who do I contact if I need more information for my service?

If you have any questions about how operating alongside COVID-19 may impact your service, please contact your contract manager or email (opens in new window). Please continue checking the NSW Government website (opens in new window) to stay up to date on COVID-19.

Last updated:

28 Jul 2022