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Technology for flexible working – Justice system users

Technology for flexible working

The Department provides technology for staff to work remotely. In response to an increased requirement for staff to work from home, Information and Digital Services (IDS) has recently enabled additional work from home options for ex-Justice employees.

Accessing email remotely

All staff have access to email from a web browser on any device (corporate or personal) through Office 365. To access webmail, go to and open the O365- Justice Mail app.

Accessing applications remotely

(Outlook, Word, Intranet, Network File Shares, SAP Self Service, Ellipse, TRIM, Business Applications)

The Department provides a Corporate Laptop with APN Sim Card to some employees who are able to use all corporate applications when working away from the office. Staff must remain connected to 4G in order for this to work and cannot connect to other Wi-Fi networks (current limitation). All new laptop orders are on hold pending the resumption of manufacturing and shipments from China. Stock on hand will only be used to replace faulty equipment.

For staff who do not have access to a corporate laptop, IDS has recently commissioned new Citrix capacity to enable staff to remote control their work computer from their personal computers at home. In order to use this facility, staff will need to know their work computer name and ensure their work computer is switched on. No RSA token is required for this solution.

The Citrix app can be installed on any personal Windows or Apple computer, tablet or smart phone, by logging in at the website and entering your iSecure secret answer or code sent to your mobile phone. If you are using a device that hasn’t accessed the Justice network remotely before, you’ll be prompted to download the Citrix App.

You can login to with your username and password to access remotely, or follow the step-by-step instructions (PDF , 839.3 KB)

Citrix segregates your personal computer from work applications. This means the Department does not have access to your personal files and in doing so also keeps the Department’s IT systems secure.

Citrix compresses data traffic which means it is able to work on all Internet connection speeds and uses low volumes of data. On average, staff using Citrix from home for a standard 35 hour working week would use 5 GB of Internet data. By compassion, watching Netflix uses 1 GB of data per hour. In 2020, most home broadband Internet plans have ‘unlimited data’ inclusions.

Receiving telephone calls when away from the office

When working away from the office, staff can forward their land line to another telephone number, including a mobile phone. This can be a corporate or personal, mobile or landline number. You can setup a call forward from the physical handset.

Some employees who travel regularly have access to a corporate mobile phone. For information on requirements and costs to order a mobile phone please see the DTS Service Portal.

Collaboration tools to keep in touch

All employees are provided with access to Microsoft Teams. MS Teams allows employees to send instant messages, create team chats, collaborate on work documents in real time and hold audio/video meetings from their corporate computer or any personal device, including iPhones and iPads.

MS teams is installed on all Windows 10 Corporate laptops

MS teams can be accessed via the teams web version ( on all Windows 7 Corporate laptops. Request for the MS Teams app to be installed on Windows 7 devices can be submitted in the DTS Service Portal.

Further information on teams is available at

The above technology for flexible working is supported by the IDS Service Desk. Further support can be provided by calling 02 8688 1111,option 3 or through the DTS Service Portal.

Last updated:

20 Sep 2022