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Corrective Services

The safety and security of our staff, inmates, visitors and the community remain our top priority.

Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) continue to monitor COVID-19 risks in the community and adjust operations accordingly.

Current status

CSNSW continues to safely resume key services, implementing a number of recovery measures. The COVID-19 variants present a number of challenges for corrections which we are actively addressing.

Correctional centres

New receptions and preventative measures in custodial environments

Rapid Antigen Screening (RAS) test on arrival

All fresh custody inmates will be subject to an entry Rapid Antigen Screening (RAS) test on arrival to a correctional centre.

Clinical isolation

If an inmate develops cold or flu like symptoms, they are immediately isolated. The inmate will be assessed by a clinician and tested for COVID-19 if necessary. The inmate will be monitored and will not be cleared to return to their normal routine until the health provider is confident, they pose no COVID-19 risk to others.

Management of COVID positive inmates

Inmates who have COVID-19 are closely monitored and receive health care. Any inmate who requires acute care is transferred to a public hospital.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)


All staff, inmates and visitors are required to adhere to PPE requirements in correctional centres. PPE is supplied by CSNSW and made available to all persons.

COVID Screening processes including Rapid Antigen Screening (RAS) tests

As a condition of entry to NSW correctional centres all staff, contractors and any visitors are screened. Screening includes health questions and RAS testing. Anyone exhibiting cold or flu-like symptoms will not be permitted to enter.

RAS testing is available at all correctional centre locations.  RAS testing of inmates is facilitated by Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network (JH&FMHN) or Private Health provider.

Programs and Education

Ensuring inmates have access to education, programs and services is important. Service delivery practices are adjusted based on current risk levels.

Stage 4 continues for Works Release program, off complex work orders, social leave and all education and training outside the correctional centre.

Visits for family and friends

We understand the importance and the benefits for inmates of staying in touch with friends and family. Please refer to  CSNSW COVID-safe in-person visits for current information and specific conditions.

For operational reasons, some centres may cancel their visits at short notice or might not operate visits. We encourage all our visitors to contact the centre they are visiting to confirm their booking, and for advice on what time they need to arrive.

Video visits continue to be available.

Legal/professional visits

In person legal and professional visits continue, with video visits also available. All legal and professional visitors entering NSW correctional centres in their professional capacity must adhere to CSNSW entry requirements. CSNSW holds regular briefings through the Legal Practitioners Consultative Group.

While video visits are available at all correctional centres, there may be times where due to the level of demand for the service or local logistical issues, service may be delayed.

For more information please visit the CSNSW legal and medical visitors website.

Support for inmates

Health and other support services continue to operate.

Our staff hold regular briefings with inmates to ensure new information is communicated quickly and ensure there is a clear understanding of the protective measures in place and the rationale behind them.

We continue to provide resources and advice regarding hygiene, COVID-19, and vaccination information to inmates. Additionally, hand sanitiser, soap and disinfectant supplies are closely monitored and replenished as needed.

Inmates can seek COVID-19 advice from JH&FMHN, or the Private Health provider. The Customer Service Line is also available to inmates should they wish they wish to make a complaint.


JH&FMHN commenced a vaccination program for staff and inmates in March 2021. Vaccinations for staff and inmates are voluntary, but strongly encouraged.

Supporting vulnerable inmates

Just like in the wider community, there are inmates who are at a higher risk if they contract COVID-19. CSNSW is working with JH&FMHN / Private Health providers to ensure needs of vulnerable inmates are considered. JH&FMHN has identified and is closely monitoring inmates with increased risk from infection; history of chronic illness; or who are aged and frail.

Community Corrections

Community Corrections offices are open. You are encouraged to contact your local office before physically attending. Community Corrections continue to manage and provide services to people on a community-based sentence or parole order.

To protect the safety of staff, offenders and the community, some changes to normal services may apply from time to time.

The following still applies:

If you have been released from custody you must follow the reporting instructions that were provided to you by Community Corrections before your release.

You must maintain contact with your Community Corrections Officer.

If you are unwell or if you have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting the results or have tested positive for COVID-19, don’t attend a Community Corrections office.  Contact your Community Corrections Officer by phone if:

you have any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing), or

you have been told to self-isolate, or

you have been in contact with any person who has tested positive to COVID-19.

Contact your local Community Correction office for further information. To find contact details visit  NSW Government Directory.- external sitelaunch


Work is continuing to safely ease restrictions across our operations.

Like hospitals, correctional centres continue to be sensitive settings and key safety measures will need to remain in place.

For more information

If you have questions about our response to COVID-19 you can contact us by phone on 02 8346 1300- external sitelaunch between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

Note our staff are bound by the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 and the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999 which restricts what information they can disclose.

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Last updated:

22 Mar 2023