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Child protection complaint handling

The Community Services Enquiry, Feedback and Complaints Unit (EFCU) is committed to ensuring that any complaints we receive are handled in a way that is responsive, fair, and respects the privacy of the person making the complaint. We value feedback from everyone because it helps us to improve our services.

How do I make a complaint?

Wherever possible, it is best to provide the office or service the opportunity to resolve your concerns in the first instance by speaking with a staff member or manager.

If you are not comfortable taking this step, or are not satisfied with the response, you can call or write to EFCU:

If you need an interpreter, please contact the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 and ask to be connected to our number.

How does the complaint process work?

EFCU is a dedicated unit to assist you resolve questions, concerns and complaints. We aim to resolve most complaints within 20 working days.

EFCU will listen to your complaint and we can often resolve the issue promptly over the phone. If not, we will refer it to the most appropriate person to respond to you. EFCU and senior management will work with the relevant local office, District or business unit to resolve your complaint and provide an outcome that is fair and correct.

The DCJ complaint handling policy is also available online.

What can I complain about?

EFCU are able to discuss any issues that relate to Community Services. Some of the issues we assist to resolve include:

  • the manner in which a service has been provided
  • disagreement with decisions made by Community Services
  • the actions of our employees, such as unfair treatment or poor communication
  • complaints relating to services that we fund or license
  • the complaints handling process itself.

We are generally not able to resolve complaints about decisions made by courts or tribunals, however, we may be able to assist you with information and other avenues to make your complaint.

Feedback has helped enhance our services by identifying areas we can improve, including: clearer communication, new services and supports (such as the Care Leavers Line), updated processes and procedures, training for staff, and changing decisions made by the department.

Independent audit

In 2021, Community Services commissioned an independent audit of our complaints handling systems. For transparency, we have published the Internal Audit of Complaints Handling report.

Confidentiality and privacy

Community Services is committed to handling complaints in a way that respects people’s privacy and the confidentiality of the matter. The only people who will have access to information about your complaint are those who are working on resolving it.

If you have any concerns about the confidentiality of your complaint, please tell the person who is handling it.

Last updated:

24 May 2022