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Photographer – Tina Milson

Anne Oberg b. 1963

Anne at local indoor swimming pool
Anne Oberg b. 1963

I am the second youngest of 10 children, and have lived in Goulburn since 1979.

I wasn’t really good at sport during school but at 19 years old, my sister and I decided to try the exercise class at the local school for a cost of 50 cents. The teacher wanted someone to fill in when she was away and I gave it a go. Now it’s my job and my passion.

I have coached people with mental illness, school children and ageing adults. I enjoy working with older people the most: keeping them upright and able to move around and have stronger bodies as their lives progress. As a result, I have a special bond with over 50 clients. Knowing I’m helping, and seeing them healthy, creates self-satisfaction. We go out socially, with me organising most of the events. They’re always happy and put a smile on my face. I also run the Encore Breast Cancer exercise group in Goulburn and visit the elderly in nursing homes.

I have three children and a beautiful little granddaughter who are dear to me. My family is very important and I have a good bond with my brothers and sisters and their children.

I’ve been teaching at the centre for over 20 years and aim to keep teaching as long as I physically can or I have no-one left in my class to teach!

Chris Herrett (Slim) b. 1966

Chris in a bicycle shop
Chris Herrett (Slim) b. 1966

I was born in Liverpool in 1966. I’ve been a spare parts interpreter, AIN nurse, groundsman, school cleaner, and maintenance.

I had a blood clot in my head at aged 26. I suffered a stroke and had been in a coma for three months. The prognosis was not favourable, indicating total dependency for my life time. I was to prove them wrong, although it took me two years with therapy to walk and talk again. I now have short-term memory loss and anger management issues.

What gets me out of bed in the morning? My interests in motor racing, dirt bikes, pushbikes, radio-controlled toys (I’m a kid at heart), and collecting old things to make interesting objects.

These interests, like my three mopeds, drew me to the Men’s Shed. I love doing up bikes there. That’s my passion. I like to give back for what has been done for me. If I wake up, even better, go day by day. Now there is no stopping me and I live life to the fullest.

Jacki Waugh b. 1962

Jackie with lamas in an open paddock
Jacki Waugh b. 1962

I am fourth-generation Goulburn born and bred. In 1978, I started hairdressing, completing my apprenticeship at the Look Ahead Salon in Goulburn and attending courses to keep up with latest trends.

I met Peter Waugh after leaving school and in 1981 we married. We lived in Carrick on the family farm for a year and then moved to our Boxers Creek property, which we still call home, to raise our family.

In 1990, I gave up my career to care for our children. I found it hard not having contact with people each day so I started my mobile hairdressing service, providing a service to most of the nursing homes and hospitals in the area.

In 1985, we took over and ran a jumping castle business for 29 years. We were busy with preschool, school, fundraisers, pony club, communications, and family life on the farm, which started with one alpaca bought by my dad in 1994 as a bit of a joke. This led to more animals and my involvement in the Goulburn Show – helping with the animal nursery, alpaca, and horses section – until in 2012, I became President, and still am today.

I’ve had a great life and am very lucky to have a large extended family who care about each other. We hold gatherings each year, and have been for as long as I can remember. I became a grandmother recently, beginning another chapter in my life.

Steve Ridley b. 1957

Steve in front of a wool shed
Steve Ridley b. 1957

I was born and bred in West Wyalong on a mixed farm, with five brothers and sisters. I got into the livestock business straight out of school and have been in that field, on and off, in the Goulburn district for 43 years. I’m a Level 1 Auctioneer, Sheep and Cattle Assessor, and Stud Stock Specialist. I’m also involved in Elders’ traineeship program with workshops and mentoring roles.

Age is only a number and sometimes an excuse people use to not do something. I believe some people talk themselves into being ‘old’ before their time. If you surround yourself with young people and enjoy their company, it keeps you young. The fact that I’m very passionate about and enjoy my job is the key. I embrace change and think outside the square, endeavouring to improve the way we do things.

My occupation is more a lifestyle than a job, so it really gets me out of bed in the morning (often very early) and drives me to do bigger and better things. I’ll never refuse a request to support any community event and have regularly done so with my auctioneering. I know how important it is to society. I’ve been very fortunate, been given a lot of opportunity, and been helped by so many wonderful people… it’s the least I can do to help others.


Tina Milson

Tina Milson (b. 1956) Tina's passion for photography is heavily influenced by the local rural landscapes and communities of Singleton, where she grew up, and Goulburn where she currently lives with her family. From portraiture to landscapes, Tina's diverse photography portfolio highlights the resilience and vulnerability of country communities through drought, floods and everything in between. Tina takes personal inspiration from her five children and her involvement in regional education, non-profit and arts initiatives.

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14 Oct 2022