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Photographer - Tina Milson

Alfie (1965 - 2019)

Alfie standing infront of indegineous hand painted art work

'I was born in 1965 and grew up in Bomaderry. My mother was a Yuin from the Wallaga Lakes on the South Coast and my father from the Eora Nation, La Perouse, Sydney. My mum, Amelia Bond, used to be a state athlete and competed against Marjorie Jackson (the Lithgow Flash). My father, Don Walker, was a big inspiration in my life because he played with South Sydney Juniors.

'My passion was rugby league. I moved to Goulburn for a better life. I played for Goulburn United and then made the Junior Canberra Raiders Squad, Jersey Flegg and President's Cup teams. I was graded with the first grades squad and played in reserves. I played from 1986 to 1987.

'Coaching junior rugby was a good thing. Sport takes you everywhere. The outcome from that is my younger brother, Andrew, became a dual international. I have three girls and one boy who's the Deputy Mayor of Goulburn Mulwaree Council. Now my grandson Isaac is aspiring to become a rugby league legend himself.'


Dawnie with hands in air

'I was born in 1953 and have lived in Goulburn for five years after moving from Yass. I'm a retired early childhood teacher with a background in nursing, juvenile justice and corrective services and welfare. I have dedicated my life to education and health.

'I played all sports in my youth and basketball as an adult, and now walk everyday and do exercises at home. I volunteer at the Red Cross once a week and I do TAFE courses to keep my mind active. I read everyday and do crossword puzzles.

'Every fortnight I go to Aunty Jean's good health program, which supports Indigenous people to educate and self manage all areas of their health. I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and am a keen cook. I also drink up to three litres of water daily.

'Age is a state of mind. It's how you perceive it. Age is only a number. I love to laugh, I'm a free spirit. I get out of bed everyday because life's too short to waste.'

Pauline and David

Pauline holding shovel and David standing next to Pauline in an open field
Pauline and David

Pauline: 'I met my husband at university in New Zealand. He hails from Goulburn and we relocated so we could enjoy the quality of life that comes with being part of a regional community. Having a background in photography, film and television production, it was very exciting to be able to transfer my skills to theatre production when, 26 years ago, I became part of the Lieder Theatre Company.

'An interest in wellbeing and holistic living led me to train as a yoga teacher and I enjoy teaching all ages, in partnership with our local regional art gallery. I've never seen growing old as a hindrance and have always been told that it's possible to be and do whatever one wants.

'Physical and mental wellbeing, along with red wine, help people on the ageing road.'

David: 'A love of farming and agriculture led to a tertiary education in agriculture at Lincoln University, New Zealand, where I met Pauline.

'During this time, a chance trial lesson at the Canterbury Aero Club inflicted in me a passion for flying. This resulted in an aviation career spanning 42 years – meaning we could move to Goulburn. A person's identity is inextricably bound up with their career. When their career finishes, a new identity morphs into being, often involving one's lifelong interests.

'Getting older means one has time to pursue these interests in a no-pressure, pleasurable and rewarding way. Now that one has time to pursue interests, it would be a shame if the body or mind let you down!'

Premlata and Vijay Sharma

Premlata Sharma in national costume
Premlata and Vijay Sharma

'I live with my loving husband, Vijay, and I'm a very active person. We have four children and five grandchildren. I came from Fiji in 1976. We moved from the city to Goulburn two years ago to have a quieter life. I'm self employed and own a cleaning business with my husband. I'm an Aussie.

'I love to work inside and outside my home. I find that keeping active keeps me fit. My hobbies include cooking, cleaning, making new friends, socialising and spending time with my grandchildren.

'Vijay and I employ young people in our business to try to teach them responsibility and motivate them to get started in their own business.

'I don't think age has slowed me down one bit ... it's only a number to me.'


Tom standing behind an old ute

Born in South Sydney in 1923, Tom has been a lawyer, a politician, a serviceman and a farmer. The son of lawyer and aviator Geoffrey Hughes, he was educated at St Ignatius' College Riverview and graduated in law from the University of Sydney. Tom served in the Royal Australian Air Force in World War Two and in his time served in 10 Squadron in flying boats. He was awarded the French Legion of Honour in 2005 for his service in France.

Tom was called to the Sydney bar in 1949, becoming a Queen's Counsel barrister in 1962. He then served as the Member for Parkes and then Berowra until 1972, and was also the Commonwealth Attorney General from 1969 to 1971. He was awarded the Officer of the Order of Australia in 1988.

Tom is now a full time farmer, devoting most of his time to running his sheep and cattle properties outside of Goulburn. Until he retired in 2013, he was the oldest serving member of the NSW Bar. He has three children, six grandchildren and three great grandchildren. His daughter, Lucy Turnbull, was Lord Mayor of Sydney and is married to Malcolm Turnbull the former Prime Minister of Australia.

Tony and Adriana

Adriana and Tony standing together in a room full of books. They stand close together, holding a World War II book. There is a wall of books behind them and a table with books on it in front of them.
Adriana and Tony

Born Erminia Antonio in Italy in 1936, Tony immigrated to Australia in 1954 where he worked in a variety of occupations, including as a kitchen hand, in deliveries and in a fast food store.

Tony was Mayor of the City of Goulburn from 1985 until 1991. It is believed he is the first person of Italian descent to be Mayor of an Australian city that did not have an established Italian community.

In 1980, an Italian newspaper named Tony as one of the top five emigrants in the world. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 1994 for his service to local government and the community. His hobbies include flying, furniture restoration and hobby farming.

Adriana came to Australia, 'as a bride' with Tony, 52 years ago.

She says, 'I haven't noticed my ageing ... I still do what I used to do ... By working, I have pride in what I do and ... meeting the public and helping where I can. I enjoy gardening and taking pride in my house, and I belong to the Goulburn Friendship Club.'

Adriana says she's happy with what she has achieved as a club member and meeting everyday people. 'You must experience patience by accepting that people are different,' she explains. The motto of the club is 'to make new friends, cherish old ones and work in harmony for the benefit of our community.'


Tina Milson

61, Yarra

Tina’s passion for photography is heavily influenced by the local rural landscapes and communities of Singleton, where she grew up, and Goulburn, where she currently lives with her family. From portraiture to landscapes, Tina’s diverse photography portfolio highlights the resilience and vulnerability of country communities through drought, floods and everything in between. Tina takes personal inspiration from her five children and her involvement in regional education, non-profit and arts initiatives.

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14 Oct 2022