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Activities for people over 60 in NSW

Across NSW, local councils and community organisations are running activities for people of all ages and abilities.

This page has information to help you find activities and likeminded communities in your area if you’re aged 60 and over.

Active, Creative and Social Life - For Everyone

Find activities in your local area

Many local councils run activities for people over 60. Find your local council here, and then visit your council’s website to see what’s on.

Our video features activities run by the Inner West Council and the City of Sydney.

People in town and country NSW can find contacts for local activities through the NSW Seniors Activities Guide.

The Guide lets seniors living in regional areas search by activity and location to find social clubs, sporting activities and more.

Find what’s right for you

Our video showcases the range of activities available across NSW, whether you prefer being active, social, or creative. Many of these activities are designed to suit people with different abilities, from the fit and active to those with disabilities or limited mobility.

Creative ageing

Creative Ageing

Check your local council’s website to find art classes, craft workshops, salsa lessons and more.

The NSW Government believes that creative activities are a great starting point for making friends and getting involved in social life.

We are working with our partners in health, local government and the creative community to offer more creative activities for older people across NSW.

Modified sport and activities for older people

Modified sport and activities for older people

The NSW Government’s Modified Sports program offers low impact sports to help older people lead healthy, active and happy lives.

These are delivered in partnership with Football NSW, Netball NSW, Gymnastics NSW, Softball NSW, Basketball NSW and Table Tennis NSW.

Find out more, and get contact details for the sport of your choice, on our Events and projects page.

If you’re interested in setting up your own modified sport, you can find out how with our toolkit, ‘Modifying Your Sport (PDF, 1.2 MB)’.

You can also find exercise programs in your area on the Active and Healthy website.

For those who prefer a stroll, you can find local walking groups on the Heart Foundation Walking website.

The NSW Government’s Fitter For Life program is a fun and social opportunity that aims to help you improve your mobility, strength and coordination; the activities in the program can be catered to you and tailored to your level of ability or mobility.

Exercise Right provides affordable access to exercise classes led by university qualified professionals.

Seniors Card

Seniors Card

The Seniors Card program connects members with businesses that value their patronage – and are happy to offer special discounts and benefits to earn it.

It helps you save while enjoying an active social life anywhere in NSW.

Find out more and get your card at the Seniors Card website.

Volunteering and timebanking

People who participate in their communities are healthier and happier, have greater trust and wellbeing, and live longer.

Find a full range of volunteering opportunities across NSW and make a difference in your community. Volunteer at the NSW Volunteering website.

Timebanking members exchange support and services online at the Timebanking website.

Members earn time credits when volunteering their time and then spend these time credits when receiving a service from another volunteer.

Join your local Timebanking community for free.

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21 Aug 2023