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MPE Law Expo

The Multicultural Policy and Engagement (MPE) Team in the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) conducts Law Expositions (Expos) for multicultural communities. The target audience includes community members, community associations, TAFE NWS AMEP and ESOL students, and international students.

DCJ partners with a TAFE NSW, community organisations or key service providers in the multicultural sector to deliver the expo. The partnering agency in collaboration with CLO plans and coordinates the expo and determines the most suitable topics for the participating cohort.


The aim of the Law Expo is to bring DCJ and other government agencies together to promote their services and increase accessibility through interacting with the community and students throughout the day. The Expo is an opportunity for participants to connect with local legal and support services to ask questions and learn more about service availability. This Expo provides participants a platform to better  understand their legal rights and responsibilities.


Each Law Expo is unique.  MPE’s Community Liaison Officers (CLO) work in partnership with the local TAFE NSW campus or a key service provider to tailor the event with topics that best suit the needs of the community and students.

DCJ delivers these law expos through a local partnership.  The law expos are delivered and resourced through the partnership at no cost to the community and students participating in the event.

Volunteers - students or community members

Hosting an expo is a large undertaking and requires assistance of many individuals. Students or community members are requested to volunteer on the day to guide participants to various sessions to ensure smooth delivery.


The presenters deliver concurrent information sessions on the day using simple language with appropriate visual aids. The information content will be based on local cohort’s needs. The stallholders promote services and interact with participants to answer enquires and provide resources in a variety of community languages.

Upcoming Law Expos

To find out about upcoming law expos please check our events calendar.


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You can also download these fact sheet in a PDF format by clicking the following link: Law Expo - Fact Sheet (PDF, 55.7 KB)

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07 May 2024