Communities and Justice

Case Worker Development Program

Directorate: Office of the Senior Practitioner

Division: Child Protection Permanency, District and Youth Justice Services

Project summary

Focus Area:

  • Improving access to mainstream services through better systems and processes.

Project objective

This is the induction training for all new caseworkers to child protection.

Entry level training program for new child protection caseworkers who join DCJ. Program supports new caseworkers to develop their knowledge and skills in working with children and parents with disability.

Planned actions

Learning about children and parents with disability feature throughout the Caseworker Development Program. For example:

Module on Human Rights and Social Justice:  The module and work book explores the rights of people with a disability as called for in the UN convention of human rights.

Caseworkers are asked for ways to plan for educational needs of a child with a disability and also approaches that uphold the dignity of parents with a disability when discussing safety and risk worries.

Domestic Violence module Considers the way to approach a woman who is experiencing violence and also managing a disability

This is an ongoing program that has been delivered since July 2020

Status report

Current Status: Progressing

Date: July 2022

Status Notes:

  • Update of content and design in Feb 2022
Last updated:

28 Feb 2023