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Resources to help you support carers

If you’re a health professional, educator, service provider or employer, you can make a big difference in the lives of carers.

Resources for health professionals and services

TOP 5 Initiative - Engaging carers - a simple process that encourages health professionals to engage with carers to gain valuable non-clinical information to help personalise care.

Partnering with carers – a resource to help health professionals to identify and support carers.

Resources for educators

Young Carers NSW – helpful information about identifying, supporting and referring a young carer.

Online course: Identifying and supporting young carers - explains who young carers are, the kinds of things they do and the impact being a young carer can have on a child or young person.

Being a carer, being a student, and being a kid - information for principals, teachers and student wellbeing support staff about supporting students who are young carers.

Resources for service providers

Carers NSW service provider education - free one hour training sessions for government and non-government organisations and service providers working directly or indirectly with carers. The sessions will help organisations identify carers and provide their workers with a better understanding of the unique nature of carers' needs and issues.

Hidden carers in social housing eLearning module - builds your knowledge and skills to help you identify and support hidden carers in social housing.

Resources for employers

Carers + Employers program supports workplaces across NSW to become more carer-friendly and inclusive, and is powered by a network of employers to champion improved outcomes for carers.

Last updated:

04 Oct 2022