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Find information on our plans and strategies to build vibrant and inclusive communities, support and resources for carers, becoming a volunteer, disability inclusion action planning and information on how we engage with Aboriginal communities, seniors and youth. 

Creating inclusive communities and supporting organisations to create inclusive environments.
Support, how we work with Aboriginal communities and significant dates.
Information and support for all carers, stories and the NSW Carers Strategy and Act.
Disability inclusion plans, guidelines, resources and support information.
Information and support for multicultural communities.
Our work under the Ageing Well in NSW Strategy including events and grants and support information.
Supporting youth with programs including Youth Opportunities, Youth Frontiers and Youth Week.
About the NSW Volunteering Strategy and how we are growing and valuing volunteering.
Councils providing advice on carers, disability, older people and the community housing industry.
Last updated:

27 Jul 2023