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We're all in this together transcript

Fran: The faster we can get in with early intervention, the better off it is for the participant and their families. We want to get people right at that beginning so we can give them their best chance to flourish. [pause]

Mindy: I turned up at the Neighbourhood Centre one day after having a baby, born 13 weeks early. I struggled with the bills, and I was at the end wits of “I need help.” [pause]

Fran suggested Donnah as the as the family support network. We connected, had a really good bond between each other. The relationship has expanded over the years.

Fran: Mindy has taken part in some of our parenting programs, she’s done healthy cooking, which was showing her how to cook on a budget by cooking healthy meals for the kids.

Mindy: My daughter goes to the playgroup, my other three children interact on the school holidays, we come to lots of community events with the centre, show them the support like they have shown us.

Fran: We want our community to thrive and we want everyone to be absolutely empowered with all the skills that they possibly can need to set them up for success.

We absolutely love our partnership with DCJ. We work together to design programs that best fitted our community, because they put that trust in us. They knew, we knew our community best and I think that’s why we’ve got success with these programs because they’re actually designed to work with what our community needs.

Donnah: We’re really happy to work with our partners to support more families here in Cowra.


I love using this service. We love bringing Jax because he loves getting along with the other kids. It’s really helped us to come out of our shells and just communicate with other community members. We love it.

We’re so happy here.

Fran: We are a community, [pause] and we will lift everybody up. We will never [pause] leave anyone behind.

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07 Jul 2023