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Explainer: We’re helping young people, families, and communities flourish video

The Targeted Earlier Intervention (TEI) Program provides support for children, young people, families, and communities. Watch our new animated explainer video to learn more about TEI. 


Voice-over: All children deserve to grow up in a safe and happy home. 

A home where young people thrive and families flourish, supported by strong, connected communities. 

The NSW Government’s Targeted Earlier Intervention program delivers a range of early support services for families and communities across NSW.  

We support families and young people before their challenges get bigger or more complex so that they can focus on what matters – living a safe, stable, and happy life. 

Targeted Earlier Intervention activities can be anything from: family support; parenting courses; counselling; supported playgroups; community events; neighbourhood centres; and youth services. 

Families can access as many services as they need to feel confident and secure about their family’s future.

Because when we build strong communities and support families and young people early on – we’re supporting them for a lifetime of success. 

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Last updated:

07 Jul 2023