Communities and Justice

A place to belong transcript

Sadia: I first came to the centre about eight years ago when I moved into this neighbourhood.

Serena: Sadia started off in playgroup and then she’s gone in to do women’s group and by doing women’s group she’s been able to do TAFE courses and now she’s working for us.

Sadia: When I first came here, I did a barista course, hospitality, and now I’m doing a childcare course. It’s almost about to be finished.

Pat: Our community’s always changing and just recently, we have newly arrived migrants. We are able to break that isolation that they feel from coming to a new country and to a new community. We are their extended family and it’s truly a privilege to be part of that extended family.

Sadia: Most importantly, my kids come to the youth groups and they love coming here just because of this beautiful team who works for this community. I’m feeling so happy and confident about the future.

Last updated:

07 Jul 2023