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Shining a light on good practice tells the real stories of children, young people, families and their work with DCJ child protection practitioners.

These are stories of strength, partnership and perseverance that rarely get shared with a wider audience.

Shining a light gives these stories a platform to be shared and celebrated. For families they are a source of pride and a testament to others that lives can change. For practitioners, they are a place to model and praise the best of their work – which is tenacious, skilled and compassionate.

Each story demonstrates how the NSW Practice Framework is helping to transform child protection practice in NSW.

Photo of a man throwing a child in the air in the distance
Gemma, Michael and Pheobe's story.
Photo of Elissia holding Ava and smiling
Elissia, Ava and Terri's story.
Photo of Elissia holding Ava and smiling
Luke Griffith's story.
Photo of Harry
Amber and Harry's story.
Photo of two adult female holding a baby
Margaret and Robyn's story.
A picture of a man with his two children one young boy and one young girl looking happy.
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Last updated:

28 May 2024