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The Child Safe Action Plan

The Child Safe Action Plan (CSAP) (PDF, 2.4 MB) outlines the strategies and tasks DCJ will implement and perform as a prescribed agency under the Children’s Guardian Act 2019 to improve child safety across the sector. It details the activities being undertaken to build awareness about the importance of child safety; and build the capability of child safe organisations to implement the Child Safe Standards to improve the safety of children in services provided by DCJ and our related bodies.

The implementation of the CSAP is an ongoing process to drive continual improvement to child safety across the department’s functions and services and those of our funded service partners. This initial plan focuses on:

  • promoting the Child Safe Standards, and educating stakeholders about child safety and child rights
  • assessing departmental risks and identifying opportunities for service and process improvements
  • establishing a framework for monitoring, evaluation and continual improvement.

The outcomes DCJ seeks through implementation of the CSAP are:

  • NSW children and young people are safe in the organisations that they learn, play, and live in
  • reduction in child abuse in organisational settings
  • improved responses and reporting of child abuse.

The CSAP will be published by 31 March 2023 upon the completion of ongoing consultation with NGO bodies and representatives.

Last updated:

17 May 2023