Communities and Justice

Safety Assessment

DCJ is reviewing Safety Assessment (SA). Safety Assessment is used to determine if a child is safe to stay living with their parents/family right now, or if DCJ needs to work with them to put things in place to increase a child’s safety.

Changes to make better decisions for children

The changes will:

  • identify strengths in a child’s family to help make effective plans that can keep a child safe and at home
  • look at everyone who has a caregiving role in a child’s life and include them in making decisions about a child’s safety
  • partner with family and community at the first safety assessment
  • support DCJ to make active efforts to keep children from entering out of home care, when it is safe to do so
  • better assess and respond to domestic violence and coercive control.


  • DCJ is working with stakeholders to design and develop a SA. Learn more about the consultation process.
  • The draft SA was shared with stakeholders in the first half of 2023 for feedback. This feedback is now being reviewed to continue to strengthen the tool.
Last updated:

28 Aug 2023