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Corrective Services records

If you’re requesting information from Corrective Services NSW (CNSW), it’s important to include the following details:

  • the correct name for the type of record you’re requesting
  • a specific date range for the records you’re requesting.

Including these details will help us process your request faster.

You can make formal applications for information under the Government Access (Public Information) Act 2009 (GIPA). We can also produce documents under a subpoena or statutory order. We may ask you to explain the legal forensic purpose if it is unclear in the subpoena or order.

We do not hold records relating to the NSW Police Force or Justice Health.

CNSW records include:

  • Inmate Profile Document - shows classification history, institutional charges and punishments in custody, care in placement information.
  • Offender Information Management System (OIMS) notes: information about inmate behaviour, course/program information, information about contact with a CSNSW officer. Available for offenders in custody or under supervision of Community Corrections (formerly Probation and Parole).
  • Case Management file: contains records about the offender’s time in CSNSW custody. For example, information about classification reviews, case plans, care and placement information, misconduct reports and education certificates.
  • Community Corrections reports: pre-sentence reports, breach reports or pre-release reports.
  • Education file: may include certificates of courses completed and records generated by Education and Vocational Training.
  • Psychology file: can include psychology reports and progress notes.
  • Visitor Records reports: show the dates, times and names of visitors who have visited the inmate while in custody. Please name the specific visitor and provide a specific timeframe.
  • Convictions, Sentences and Appeals report: contains sentencing details, movements, punishment.
  • Urinalysis reports: results of urinalysis testing. Shows dates of testing and test outcomes.
  • Warrant files: contains records of inmates bail conditions, orders, warrants, discharge checklists.

More information

See Apply online to access information for more information about lodging a GIPA application online with DCJ.

Last updated:

30 May 2022