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Social housing residential dwellings

Annual report as at 30 June 2023. The Social housing residential dwellings dashboard provides users with information about social housing residential dwellings that are available to applicants on the NSW Housing Register by districts, by tenancy management provider, by number of bedrooms per dwelling and by dwelling types across NSW.

The data within this dashboard shows:

  • Public housing managed dwellings
  • Dwellings managed exclusively for Aboriginal people
  • Dwellings managed by community housing
Information alert

If you are unable to view or access the data in the dashboard above, please use the summary document. Alternatively please email

Expected Waiting Times dashboard

The expected waiting times for general and priority social housing applicants by number of bedrooms per dwelling at 30 June 2023 are available in the Expected Waiting Times dashboard.

Access the 2022-23 Expected Waiting Times dashboard 

Last updated:

03 Jul 2024