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Social housing delivery dashboard

The Social housing delivery interactive dashboard presents statistics on key performance indicators for DCJ social housing service delivery. These indicators are grouped into the following four main themes in the dashboard. Data for several performance indicators can also be further broken down to help understand social housing service delivery in greater detail (e.g., demographic characteristics of social housing service users and their assistance needed).

Key performance indicators

Fair access to social housing for those who need it

  • Newly housed applicants in social housing
  • New allocations of public and Aboriginal housing to households in greatest need
  • Households assisted with temporary accommodation

Stability and security of tenure

  • Length of public and Aboriginal housing residential tenancies
  • Residential tenancy agreements offered
  • Public and Aboriginal housing tenants who changed residencies (transfers)

Meeting social housing needs

  • Newly housed households exiting from social housing to private rental market/home ownership

Supporting pathways to independence

  • Households exiting from social housing to private rental market/home ownership
  • Households assisted with private rental assistance products

About the dashboard

This dashboard measures how we support vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the community to make housing affordable and sustainable for them and to prevent them becoming homelessness. It shows our contribution to improve the state outcome of 'People have a safe and affordable place to live'.

Note: As this dashboard contains several built-in interactive functions to enable it to filter and present data dynamically, it is best viewed and interacted with using the Google Chrome browser. Other browsers may provide limited functionality.

If you are unable to view or access the data in the above interactive dashboard, an alternative version which presents the quarterly results of key performance indicators for DCJ social housing delivery in text is available. Otherwise, please email

Text only version

A text only version of the dashboard is available.

Last updated:

03 Jul 2024