Communities and Justice

Human Services Dataset (HSDS)

The HSDS brings together data from across government to take a powerful view of service usage and to improve outcomes of communities.

This webpage provides information about the HSDS, to help you identify relevant resources and policies. We will add further resources to this page as they become available.

Additional Department of Communities and Justice published research and data can be found by looking at our FACSIAR publications and resources and Families and communities statistics pages.

Find out about the Human Services Dataset and our partnerships.
Access key resources generated from the Human Services Dataset.
Explore the Data Governance Framework and privacy policies about the Human Services Dataset.
How you can access the Human Services Dataset, ethics approval requirements and the process.
Access answers to some of the most common questions asked in relation to the Human Services Dataset.
The glossary explains the common terms used in relation to the Human Services Dataset.
Last updated:

03 Jul 2024