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FACSIAR publications and resources

Find publications and resources from Family and Community Services Insights, Analysis and Research (FACSIAR).

How to find publications and resources

When you arrive on this page, you will receive the full list of FACSIAR publications and resources.

You can use the search and filter feature on the left of this page to refine your results, and help you find a particular page or document:

  • Enter a keyword into the search box (example: adoption) to return results that include this keyword in the page or document.
  • Use the topic area, population, resource type and collection filter dropdown to select items that are tagged with those categories.
  • The submit button will activate the search based on the filters you’ve chosen. 
  • The reset button clears the search filters so you can start again.

If you're interested in publications from the Pathways of Care Longitudinal Study (POCLS) please select Pathways of Care Longitudinal Study under the Collection filter.

Last updated:

09 Jul 2024