Communities and Justice

Legislative reform to ban LGBTQ+ conversion practices in NSW

The NSW Government is committed to banning LGBTQ+ conversion practices in NSW.

A working group, jointly lead by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice and the NSW Ministry of Health, has been established. In consultation with a wide range of key stakeholders, the working group will develop a legislative model to implement the ban and protect against LGBTQ+ conversion practices in NSW. 

Conversion practices, which can include “conversion therapy” and suppression practices, are formal or informal practices based on the ideology that LGBTQ+ people have a disorder or require treatment. Evidence shows that conversion practices are dangerous and damaging.

Legislative reform on this matter needs to be carefully considered and developed thoughtfully. To develop a legislative model that is right for NSW, targeted consultation has been undertaken with a range of sectors and groups. This includes:

  • Academics and researchers
  • Culturally and linguistically Diverse community organisations
  • Education sector, including those representing religious educational institutions
  • Faith community organisations including all major denominations
  • Government agencies
  • Health sector
  • Legal sector
  • LGBTQ+ advocacy organisations
  • Parents rights advocates
  • Victim survivors
  • Youth advocacy organisations

It is not the intention of the reform to ban the teachings of a religious leader or expression of a religious belief through sermon. The NSW Government is carefully considering all submissions and feedback on the draft proposals to inform the development of a legislative model.

If you have any questions, please email for further assistance.

Last updated:

05 Sep 2023