Communities and Justice

DCJ NSW explained

Learn who the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) NSW is, what we do and why you should join us.


(Upbeat music)

(Female and male office worker standing outside an office building.)

Narrator: Welcome to the Department of Communities and Justice, otherwise known as DCJ. Thank you for considering us as your potential new employer.

(Group of diverse people.)

Narrator: As you may know, the work that DCJ does in the NSW community really matters.

(DCJ employee sitting on a bench at a park talking to a client.)

Narrator: At DCJ, we support people through challenging times by delivering programs and services that provide a way forward.

(Group of diverse people.)

Narrator: But before you apply for this position, let us tell you a little more about DCJ to make sure we’re the right type of workplace for you.

(Mixture of office, courts, families and diversity images.)

Narrator: We offer opportunities across our varied workforce and provide ongoing learning and growth.

Narrator: We live our values in how we work together; striving to achieve a respectful, safe and inclusive workplace where everyone's diverse contributions and cultures are valued.

(DCJ employee talking to a couple about supporting children and families.)

Narrator: At DCJ, you’ll work with children, adults, families, communities and our partners to enable and deliver our services.

(Three DCJ employee working together.)

Narrator: Through our people, we continually build on what we know and learn to keep improving and innovating the work we do.

(A happy family.)

Narrator: At DCJ, we're focused on breaking, rather than managing, the cycle of disadvantage.

(DCJ employee talking to a client.)

Narrator: We support people, families and communities to tackle complex and challenging problems that impact people's lives.

Narrator: We take a unified and collaborative approach; contributing to safe and thriving communities in which you live and work.

(Group of happy DCJ employees.)

Narrator: Your ideas, lived experience and diversity of skills and backgrounds will support us to create solutions to complex challenges - work you simply can't do anywhere else.

(DCJ employee talking to a couple.)

Narrator: At DCJ, we live our values of service, trust, accountability, integrity and respect in how we work together and with the community.

(DCJ employees collaborating with each other.)

Narrator: We are always striving to improve the work we do in DCJ for our people and in the way we operate our services and systems.

(Map of New South Wales and the areas DCJ cover.)

Narrator: As one of the largest employers in NSW, you’ll be surprised at the breadth of roles DCJ can offer.

(Group of diverse DCJ employees.)

Narrator: Are you ready to join us?

(Animated NSW government logo appears and music ends)

Last updated:

27 Jul 2023