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We ask Correctional Officers

We ask Correctional Officers working at Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) what is it like to work at DCJ as a Correctional Officer.

Video transcript: We ask Correctional Officers

What is it like to work here?

“We supervise and instruct inmates to gain new skills that will hopefully help them improve their employability upon release.”

- Matt, Senior Overseer, Corrective Services

Role overview

Overseers are trade or vocationally qualified Correctional Officers with the essential role of supervising inmates in their work-related activities within correctional centres. This will involve managing, coaching, instructing and encouraging inmates as members of a team in order to gain experience and qualifications.

The most common industries are laundry, catering, ground and building maintenance, general industries and buy ups (warehousing and distribution of products).

Key skills

  • ability to achieve production targets and vocational skill development
  • achieve commercial production standards in the areas of quality and efficiency
  • ensure workplace health and safety of all stakeholders and sustain awareness of security in all daily activities.

Role requirements

The necessary experience and qualities considered for the role include, current or capacity to complete, Certificate III in Correctional Practice in accordance with specified CSNSW timeframes. Current driver's licence and preparedness to drive a vehicle while performing the role and a relevant trade qualification.

Additional information


Working a 38-hour week, Monday to Sunday provides Overseers the flexibility to thrive at work, home, and the community.

Pre-employment checks

Pre-employment checks are a critical part of the Overseer recruitment process and includes national criminal history check including fingerprint check, contact with offender check, medical and fitness assessment and other reference and conduct checks.

Corrective Services application checklist.


Prior to employment at a correctional facility, Overseers must successfully complete a 10-week full-time primary training course that equips them with policy and procedure knowledge, weapons training and officer survival training.


Following the 10-week primary training course, Overseers will be required to complete a number of on-the-job assessments in order to obtain a Certificate III in Correctional Practice.

Last updated:

30 Aug 2023